Present Research Area: Mathematical epidemiology

Specific Topic of Interest: Spread and control of infectious diseases, Mathematical modeling, statistical data analysis and predictions of future outbreak of infectious diseases.

Research Experience: I have started my research work from August 2015 under the supervision of Prof. Joydev Chattopadhyay. My first manuscript entitled “A mathematical study to control Visceral Leishmaniasis: An application to South Sudan” is communicated in the journal “Bulletin of Mathematical Biology”. Also I have started a deterministic ordinary differential equation model based study of Zika outbreak and a mathematical study to control MERS-CoV in Saudi arabia. During this period I have completed the coursework in the following topics: basic statistics, R programming, population dynamics and applied mathematical methods.

Long-term research goals: My PhD research work is mainly focused on the theory and modelling of infectious diseases with special emphasis on some infectious diseases like Visceral Leishmaniasis, MERS CoV, Zika and their co-infection with other diseases.



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